jeudi 29 octobre 2009

ultimatefaves - Best News Apps - Productivity


UltimateFaves lets you organize your favorite apps, contacts and bookmarks in 3D carousels for quick access.

* Loads faster!
* Takes less memory
* Ignore screen orientation change while running (Improves performance)
* Added percentage in list loading

Want more carousels?
UltimateFavesPRO coming soon!

UltimateFaves est développé pour Android par Lior Gonnen




dimanche 25 octobre 2009

GDE - Best News Apps - Tools

GDE - The new Home experience

A new android desktop with some features never seen before! Like cube, stretch and fading transitions and endless scroll.

Whats in it?

Transitions ( cube, stretch, fade, normal )
Customizable toolbar button actions ( call, add, sms, browse, settings )
Customizable Application folders menu
Homescreen settings ( 1-7 homescreens )
Ghost drop ( shows you the drop location when hovering over an item )
Auto scroll ( Hold the left or right side of the screen while scrolling and it will continue to scroll through the screens )
Fast forward / Fast backwards ( swipe hard left or right to go to the first or last screen )
Endless loop for transitions ( now only the cube supports this. You can go from the last screen to the first and vice versa )
Normal icon view in tray, as well as list view with alphabetical grab handle (much like contacts scroll)


Features on the to-do list:

Advanced Search ( search the web, media on the phone etc etc )
Theming ( It will have to get a total new theming framework, because of all the added features )
Configurable menu buttons ( set which menu you would like to open for example the "All applications" )
More toolbar actions ( might even get an advanced setting where you can setup your own intent )
Advanced settings for the left toolbar button while dragging ( drag an item and drop it on the left button will show a context menu with options like uninstall etc )
Landscape mode.

And much more things....

How to:

How to drop an item in/on the menu

Create a folder in the "Applications"-menu. Now drag an application item over the up-arrow on the toolbar.
The menu will show up and you will see your folder. You can now drop the item in the folder.

You can also drag an entire folder this way and drop the complete folder in the menu.

You can also drag the folder or the application back to desktop.

How to get back when in a menu

You can either press the back button if you are in a submenu or use the upper left back icon

How to switch from grid to listview and vice versa in application menus

You can press the upper right icon ( still only shows a listview icon, but it will change )

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GDE was developed for Android by Rogro82

Change log


Added "Contacts" to the toolbar actions
Added drag colors. Red for trash, green for drop on folders/menu(items) and orange for hold ( toolbar up arrow ) for action
Fixed an issue where the "All applications"-menu wasn't loaded when there was an application without a name.


Fixed some minor issues
Both the fade and stretch transition now support endless scrolling
Button settings now include a setting to select the open action for the hard menu-button
Switching between Gridview / Listview is now saved, so the next time GDE will start it will use the same view type.


Fixed some bugs
widgets were invisible when they werent able to load.
drop on toolbar/menu handle was allowed and it would result in hidden apps.
Made some changes to the current desktop screen calculations which were of because of the endless scrolling

Added settings ( in desktop menu ) to enable/disable fast fling action on desktop.


Added Google Search widget and enabled Google Search from the menu
Fixed some issues ( call action now takes you to the dialer instead of the call log )


Fixed widget adding issue.


Added custom GDE widgets framework implementation
Added Application Dock widget


Added Theming option
Ability to use Shortcut installers like bettercut
Added Landscape ( for now not sensor based )
Fixed issues

samedi 24 octobre 2009

Best News Apps - MobileWrite - Tools


MobileWrite is a handwriting recognition input method. Text can be entered by handwriting either printed or Graffiti letters.
A stylus is required for speed and accuracy. On handhelds which support a stylus, you will be able to enter text faster than typing on the on-screen keyboard.

MobileWrite Handwriting Recognition

Using MobileWrite, it is easy to enter text and data, in to your favorite applications, by simply writing on the screen of your handheld, instead of using the small keyboard. It is an improvement over the handwriting recognition software found on the PDAs and Smartphones. If your handheld supports Graffiti, or any other handwriting recognition software, MobileWrite will not modify or replace the existing software, it is installed as a separate application. Instead of replacing, additional writing methods can be added by installing MobileWrite.

Pocket PC Window Mobile, MobileWrite Mobile Write PalmOS
Screen Shot of Windows Mobile Version Screen Shot of Palm OS Version

MobileWrite gives you an option to use standard printed letters or Graffiti letters. Using the standard letters, capitals and lowercase letters can be written as you normally would on paper. With its standard set of characters, and the ability to write complete words across the screen, letter writing or data entry can be done with less effort. Using the Graffiti letters option, data can be entered faster and with increased accuracy thanks to the efficient 1 stroke letters.

MobileWrite supports multiple ways of writing the same character. For example, capital "A", may be written in 4 different ways, and lowercase "a", may be written in 2 different ways. All the supported character styles can be viewed by downloading this software and pressing the "Show" button.

graffiti replacement

Graffiti Letters:

graffiti letters

Numbers & Symbols:

hand writing

Besides English, MobileWrite supports characters that are unique to French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and most European languages. You can add accents and tildes to characters.

pocket pc software


  • Letters, numbers and other symbols can be written directly on the screen of the handheld.
  • Recognizes both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • In addition to the standard characters, TAB, SPACE, BACK SPACE, RETURN are available.
  • Displays alternate letters for easy corrections.
  • Write one character at a time or an entire word across the screen.
  • MobileWrite does not need to be trained to recognize characters.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other applications requiring text entry.


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